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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Keep on keeping

I have been in a cleaning mission on Casa de Perry, sewing has been in a stand still for now the only thing I have started is a transformation of one of the many dresshirts that my hubby does not fit in them no more ( he has lost a LOT of weight).

Next post will have the pic of my new shirt all done!!

I have new new patterns and new to me that I have gotten this past week.

 This one is so pretty am thinking doing the long version the one in the black.

Oh my this one is my favorite of the bunch am thinking a tropical wool for the jumper and for the shirt a cool cotton.

I love all this new new patterns the first shirt is going to be made to match the pic, the dress am thinking a very nice linen for the next summer, and the shirt am already looking for the fabric want to make several like the pic in black, gray and red hopefully lol...

This two my little girls name them the Bewitch coleccion lol.. cause they look like the ones that Samantha showes in the t.v show.

Ah this one is going to be made in purple am looking in Mood for a good quality fabric.

This sewing pattern is one that I have been after for some time now and finally got it!! My Mamita had a few dresses like the long version when I was a little girl so is very dear to me.

Also got a vintage pattern book for childrens patterns.

My little girls LOVE this book !!.. is that how you dress when you were a little girl mami?? gigless  gigless and more giggles.......

Well also I want to bragg about my hubby the best husband in the universe by far this is what he made for breakfast last week:

What are they you ask??  well this little besos de amor are little fluffy hot cakes with a scramble eggs, apple smoked bacon!! this is what he made for all the woman in the Perry house!!!  Te amo mi cielo!!!

Till next time,,,have fabric dreams and pattern wishes!!!

P.S. am so so sorry for all my bad pics could not get them to stay straight.


  1. Oh, si! Tantos proyectos... aunque el tiempo se nos escapa, pero yo adoro tener la cabeza llena de proyectos como usted. Todos estos mostrados son tan interesantes... a mi me gusta especialmente el primer patrón, así que... Looking forward.

  2. Es un gran honor tener un comentario de Usted, me encanta todas sus creaciones y siempre que puedo espio su blogg. En su opinion que tipo de tela seria mejor para ese patron? en el patron sugieren crepe o un lino muy ligero.

    Gracias por su comentario y siempre es un honor tenerla aqui!!

  3. I love the vogue dress!!!
    You won the bust 36 patterns over at Stitch it up Stella. I am looking forward to seeing if you make them. Can you send my your address and I'll post them. mattbaz@tpg.com.au


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