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Am a stay at home mom to 3 little darlings, one incredible man for a husband, love to make clothing for my little ones and every other blue moon some retro clothing for me, I love to collect vintage patterns anything from the 20's till 90's will do!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

It' s been a  l o n g   time away from the blog...

Life gets out of control, but sometimes for a few of us is our body that go crazy. My hashimotos has been acting up, we move to a new place and all this combine give me the daily excuse not to sew or to sit and blog.

Have my hashimotos more or less tame, have my sewing grove back, have been sewing a few outfits for my little Angeleque. For me I have a few already cut and ready to put together will post pictures as soon!!

I will leave you with some eye candy!


 I love this dress am on the hunt for the perfect Hawaiian fabric!

Oh my drear, this one here it hurst to see the pic, i had it and i lost it. I have been working on drafting the pattern by I am good at it so far I have fail, but I will keep on trying!!

Even do this is not a vintage vogue looks like a 60's formal wear!