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Am a stay at home mom to 3 little darlings, one incredible man for a husband, love to make clothing for my little ones and every other blue moon some retro clothing for me, I love to collect vintage patterns anything from the 20's till 90's will do!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

What are the things that am thankfull for? well my family all of it!! the ones near the ones far , most of all am thankfull for my girls and my husband they are the sun in my life we had had a LOT going on this past year for all the blessings we are thankfull.

Have a very safe and very happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Keep on keeping

I have been in a cleaning mission on Casa de Perry, sewing has been in a stand still for now the only thing I have started is a transformation of one of the many dresshirts that my hubby does not fit in them no more ( he has lost a LOT of weight).

Next post will have the pic of my new shirt all done!!

I have new new patterns and new to me that I have gotten this past week.

 This one is so pretty am thinking doing the long version the one in the black.

Oh my this one is my favorite of the bunch am thinking a tropical wool for the jumper and for the shirt a cool cotton.

I love all this new new patterns the first shirt is going to be made to match the pic, the dress am thinking a very nice linen for the next summer, and the shirt am already looking for the fabric want to make several like the pic in black, gray and red hopefully lol...

This two my little girls name them the Bewitch coleccion lol.. cause they look like the ones that Samantha showes in the t.v show.

Ah this one is going to be made in purple am looking in Mood for a good quality fabric.

This sewing pattern is one that I have been after for some time now and finally got it!! My Mamita had a few dresses like the long version when I was a little girl so is very dear to me.

Also got a vintage pattern book for childrens patterns.

My little girls LOVE this book !!.. is that how you dress when you were a little girl mami?? gigless  gigless and more giggles.......

Well also I want to bragg about my hubby the best husband in the universe by far this is what he made for breakfast last week:

What are they you ask??  well this little besos de amor are little fluffy hot cakes with a scramble eggs, apple smoked bacon!! this is what he made for all the woman in the Perry house!!!  Te amo mi cielo!!!

Till next time,,,have fabric dreams and pattern wishes!!!

P.S. am so so sorry for all my bad pics could not get them to stay straight.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I am ALIVE!!!

Been having a busy time enjoying my kids last days of summer vacation and also trying a new diet to get my energy and health back,, JUICING!!!! been on a week fasting and imediatly feel so good like I have not feel in YEARS!!! my energy came back and my frogginess was gone.

I manage to loose some weight but that is not really my goal I know that with my thyroid is hard to do this but who cares I feel great!!!

So any who sewing wise am doing a 1988 skirt for my girls am almost done just have to close the sides and also trying to finish a slip/house dress.

Well till next time have fabric dreams and sewing patterns wishes!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hashimoto's 2 - ME 0

Well it's been a hell of a couple of weeks at the mexican seamstress house,, my hashimotos has gotten worse been pretty down cause I have not been able to sew, cook, LIVE!!,,, it SUCKS!!!

Am not sleeping because my aches and pains and too much coffe and redbulls during the day, any way I came across a documentary that catch my eye, " sick, fat and nearly dead",,, I said to my self,, could that be my biography?? lol... No if you have netflix go check it out it gave me hope that I could do something to fight this hashis, get more energy?? am all for it!!! at this point am pretty desperate   if somebody came up an said hey if you eat dirt and nails you could have the energy to LIVE again,, I will be munching on nails and dirty all day long!!

I will give the "juicing" for 10 days a try, the main reason as the say in the documentary is to reboot your system and give the nutrients it needs to replenish itself,, if it works I may do it for 60 days!! they also show how they lost weight every week, if I can loose some of my 40lb extra cuteness well that will be AWESOME!!!  LOL!!!!!! 

So in a couple of weeks I will be starting this new little adventure and God willing will help me get my LIFE back,, 

Sewing wise I just started with some school shorts for my kids, they decided not to wear jumpers to school.

I hope to finish my dress will upload pics tomorrow.

Till next time  have fabric dreams and sewing pattern wishes!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another great give away!!!

The wonderful vintage girl has a FANTASTIC giveaway!!! you have to check it out the most darling little treasures here is the link to her page vintagegirl68.blogspot.com.

Not been feeling that great, But have so much to do need to start with my kids school jumpers and of course am using a vintage pattern from the late 1960's also my wonderful husband pick up the dress he wants for the girls xmas dresses will be posting pics from patterns and fabric later on.

Thanks for my new followers ( I got a little dance celebration rumba style when I saw YOU!)

Till next time,,, have fabric dreams and sewing pattern wishes!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a blogg that is so cool check it out!!!

Just a quick entry to tell you about Ms. Debi from http://fashionsfromthepast.blogspot.com/ she is the most awesome seamstress I have come across in this internet world, her recreations of vintage glamour is impeccable!! any who she is giving away a vintage sewing pattern!! Go and check her out and with a little bit of luck pretty soon you will be hard at work with that awesome vintage pattern.

Friday, July 15, 2011

not in the mood,,, :(

The roller coaster that my life sometimes puts me a a blue state of mind,, Well I say to myself that little thyroid wants to put you in  blues? ha!! you will show it BLUE!!! 

Got my easy sewing patterns out and closed my eyes and boom! got this one!

Yeah! I got busy with the scarf at 2:45 am this morning!! the gloves I will probably get them down tonigh from other fabric, and this is the end result:

I love the way this scarf just so casualy gives you a touch of elegance,, even if you are wearing a simple white tee and hair in a pony tail you will look so so pretty!!

So this is my way of getting rid of the depresion that lurks sometimes in my life invited of course by my little foe hashimotos, but my sewing keeps it away.

Till next time.... have fabric dreams and sewing patterns wishes!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here are the sewing patterns!!!!

Well like I said last night, here are some of the sewing patterns that I would love to get started (noted I just say "started" ha!).  The first one is the anniversary gift from my hubby!! Love you baby!!

I  so much love the lines in this dress, the flow, the way is going to camouflage the "problem area of my torso" ha ha ha! am currently looking for a great bargain in similar fabric.

This is one of the maternity blouses I just love this one so much! I had to alter it to be able to wear it now sorry but i did not took a pic before, I just brough in on the sides about 2 inches, the bottom had an elastic and made like a bubble effect I took it off and used it to make a hairband for me!

You can see the detail I put on the hairband buttons was the only thing I could come up with, I know may be too old to be wearing something like this, but is fun and matches some of the ones I have made for my girls.

Well I love this pattern, is a pj set from 1940! not sure what kind of fabric I will get for them, any suggestions will be appreciated

I got this one  and the one in the bottom for my girls am thinking fall dresses.

 Ok. so this 2 are my very first Burda sewing patterns, I just love the little jackets, school jackets am going to make first.

Well those are the sewing patterns am planing on working on for now I will have to look for a few jumper options for the school jumpers I need to start those ASAP!!

Till then,,, have fabric dreams and sewing patterns dreams!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little bit at a time, is just right for now.

Well, by the sluggish that has become my life due to the always fun symptoms of my little foe hashimotos I have UFO left and right, down and up,, yeah my pic is just so right that little mountain in my back is my load of UFO, let me describe from bottom up, I have 3 maternity shirts that am going to alter to fit me now, I got a pair of my hubby's dress pants that am determine one day( hopefully before next year) to transform in to a very dressy skirt for me, I got several yards of fabric that will be a few dresses for me, got fabric to make my girls jumpers for school( ha! This is s super challenge school starts in about a month or so), then I have muslin for my hubs lounge pants/shorts ( he wants me lot make him a silk pj set he say on the net, at my pace it will be mu Xmas gift, ha ha ha,)and I have a bonnet for my little one, a up cycle/recycle thing with my girls tee shirts.

That is my friends that little mountain behind my back!!, will I get any of by a miracle all of my projects done?? Or will that mountain will just collapse on me, stay tune to find out!!

till next time,, have fabric dreams and patterns wishes!!!

P.s. I did this post already in my comfy bed in the iPad, so please be gentle if I have a horrid spelling, please? Xoxo.

Monday, July 11, 2011

not enough energy!

Well my kids been on summer vacation and time goes away so fast!, I have been fighting with my hashimoto's and some days I win others is a lost, but I get back up to keep fighting!

Well I have the most wonderful husband in the world!! last June we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary,  we are truly bless. As a gift my husband gave me the perfect gift,, SEWING PATTERNS!!! yes he does not help with my addiction, ha ha ha ! I love this man!!!

I will post a pic of the patterns later on tonight. Am going to make dinner Tacos Poblanos, well my version of them any way, I guess i will take a pic of them too.

Thanks and I promise I will have more sewing next time!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's been crazy

Well it is been so crazy in my house since February, my baby girl of just 5 months had open heart surgery, her recovery was pretty fast, and she was ready to come home way before the doctors were planing, that along with my hashimotos disease did not leave too much time for sewing.

But now I have been able to snick some sewing here and there, I manage to make Easter dresses for my 3 little girls, and started on one for me, but still is some where in my sewing room waiting,, maybe next Easter!

I made some Hawaiian shirts for my girls for their school, Hawaiian party, the sewing pattern I used was a butterick vintage # 4732 that am guessing is from the mid 70's can't find a date on the pattern, the fabric was a thrift find I had in my stash since 04? 03? yes! am a fabric hoarder, and it is a very light but sturdy cotton with blue and white just love it! and the good part we paid for it $2.95 and there were like 4 yards so I made the 2 shirts ans still have plenty left for a dress for my baby girl and a shirt for me!!

The Easter dresses for my girls i made using the McCall's # 6312 fabric from the hobby lobby, I used a self drafted pattern for my 6 month old

I have sew a lot for my little girls and this is the first time that I can say " this is pretty bad sewing"..  I completely made a horrible disaster of Easter dresses for my girls, they were really nice and just said "mommy i kind of like it",,, my older daughter said " well u can probably re-make it to something else mommy" i took the seam riper to it, but can't make myself get near that fabric, I keep getting flash backs of the horrible dresses that pile of pretty fabric used to be.

I had to start on something else so I made another 2 dresses for my girls I used McCall  6067   and the fabric is a vintage percale that I bought from ebay 6 yards for $ 4.68 shipping included!! jackpot!! any way I finish with those, I yet to finish my 6 month old dress and baby booties.

 For my I used vintage Vogue 7823   I cut it to the size of the pattern size 40 bust 44  but, to my surprise was way to BIG!!! yes, my thyroid is taking me to my slender cycle ha ha ha!! and I had to use the seam riper to adjust the darts and to take about 11/2 on the sides, will make and effort to finish it this weekend.

Am also making little bloomers for my little 6month old, using the simplicity # 3508 a retro vintage original from the 50's

Till next time, have fabric dreams and pattern wishes!!!!