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Am a stay at home mom to 3 little darlings, one incredible man for a husband, love to make clothing for my little ones and every other blue moon some retro clothing for me, I love to collect vintage patterns anything from the 20's till 90's will do!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

End and Start

The end of the year,,,, the start of my new adventure!!

This year I want to end it, with a project that I been day dreaming for a couple of years now, and today I decided to actually start my business of vintage reproduction of clothing, accessory's for toddles, girls and women.

And the reason for this blog is to keep me in focus and some what on track.  I have a new baby girl and she like my other girls demands most of my time during the day, she loves to take naps on my lap, and there is not too much I can do while she naps, so am taking this first step in planing and getting help from some of you who might have been were I am today.

I have started the first steps in getting a little business like mine started, I have a little Etsy webstore where I have tested the waters of my selling, shipping of some of my little creations, I want to start with already made reproductions of clothing and see how they do and how well I can make them, been sewing for my little girls for about 4 years, and for myself for at least 25 something years.

I have been buying vintage sewing patterns for 4 years now, and I have according to my loving husband "a problem" lol... and  am so embarrassed to confess that fabric is my real problem, vintage or new has to be mine!!

My love for sewing comes from my Mamita (mom) she support us when I was a baby making dresses for all the lady's in our neighborhood and their friends, she was offer to run a couture house in texas in the early 70's that's how good she is!!

Then she left the sewing and raised us 3 kids,  then she started her sewing business again,, only this time she was dressing one of the most iconic woman in fashion "Barbie" yes she was making dresses for Barbie and selling them at her little store, she had all kind of little girls( from 3 years to 40) coming to get her majestic dresses, ( I so kick myself for not taking pic's of them),  she made all kind of dresses, her clients will bring a photo of a dress from a magazine like vogue and she would replicate the dress to the last detail, it was amazing!!

I will never be as talented as my Mamita, but I can only try!! she taught me how to hand stitch, embroidery, sewing, how to crochet and knit I was just a dumb teen that saw it as a bother,, now how I wish I can go back in time and learn all the wonderful skills she wanted for me to have.

So for now am thankful for your time and I would love to hear from you!!