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Am a stay at home mom to 3 little darlings, one incredible man for a husband, love to make clothing for my little ones and every other blue moon some retro clothing for me, I love to collect vintage patterns anything from the 20's till 90's will do!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Back at the sewing room...

Here is a small sample of the many little things I've have sewn this past month or so.

The first one is this little puffy dress for my little girl.  Is self draft pattern the print is so yummy chocolate chocolate everywhere!! the fabric is cotton with bias tape.

EL primero es este vestido para la mas pequeñita de mis hijas Angeleque este no ocupe patrón de costura, es tan sencillo.  El estampado en la tela es delicioso chocolates chocolates por todos lados!!

This is a hibiscus flower that I made using felt, this was made for a St. Jude run my daughters were in.

Esta es una flor hawaiiana que hice para que mis hijas usaran en la carrera a beneficio de St. Jude.

New Look 6115                                        Simplicity 1682

The next one was a tricky one for me the last time I had made a sunhat was about 8 years ago!  But with a little  bit of patience i got it done I used a Simplicity 1682  and for the coordinating dress New Look 6115 from their project runway collection the fabric is a very colorful very nice weight cotton.

El siguiente me costo un poco de trabajo la ultima vez que hice un sombrerito fue hace 8 años ! Pero con un poco de paciencia lo conseguí!! Use el patrón de simplicity 1682 y para el vestido use el New look 6115 de la colección de project runway la tela es algodón muy colorida!

McCall 6499

  Next is a hobo, hippy really cute poncho shirt I made using McCalls 6499 for this I use 2 different type of prints in a nice light cotton, lady bugs and flowers with a lady bug in the back closure  could not resist!

El siguiente es una blousa tipo hobo, hippy tipo poncho usando el patron de McCalls 6499, en este use dos tipos de estampados con catarinas y flores para el cierre de atras use un boton en forma de catarinita, no lo pude resistir!!

Mail in 2751 vintage 

I found this pattern on Ebay I feel in love, so much that as soon as it arrived I started with the muslin. I use a left over fabric for the top and regular gabardine for the skirt.

Me encontre este patron en Ebay y me encanto, tanto que encuento llego me puse a hacer los ajustes. Usando tela de algodon para la parte de arriba y para la falda gabardina.

This buttons they are an Ebay find too, I think they complement this print very well what do you think? I just have to do the 20 button holes and hand sew 20 buttons and is done! Will post a pic when that is done!

Estos botones son también una compra de Ebay creo yo que complementan my bien el estampado en esta tela o tu que crees? Solo falta hacer 20 ojales y coser 20 botones a mano y listo! Pondré las fotos una vez terminado!

Simplicity 1624

 Cynthia Rowley for little bitty girls!!!  Had to get it had to make it for my little princes!!

Cynthia Rowley para las chiquititas chiquillas ninas!! Tuve que comprarlo y hacerlo para my princesa!!
Can't tell in the picture but the yellow is a bright border line on neon, is a medium weight cotton love the puffy sleeves, I have cover the 2 back buttons with the dotted black fabric.

No se puede apreciar muy bien en la foto pero es un amarillo fuerte casi casi neón, es algodón me fascinan las mangas así esponjosas, cubrí dos botones con la tela negra con bolas de colores.

McCalls 6684

I fell in love with this patten when I saw it at the McCalls web site, as soon as they came for sale at my local Jo ann I had to go and get it, the fabric for the pants is a satin cotton for the top is a very light cotton.

Este patròn desde que lo mire en la pagina web de McCalls me fascinó la combinación de las telas, en cuanto estuvieron en venta en Jo ann fui a comprarlo, la tela de los pantalones es un algodón satin, la tela de la blusita es algodón.

New Look 6502

 This pattern is one of the very first that I bought when I started to sew clothing for my little girls can't believe is about 5 or 6 years old! ( sniff,,sniff.. kids grow so fast! )

Este patron fue uno de los primeros que compre cuando empezaba a hacer ropa para mis niñas no puedo creer que eso fue hace mas de 5 o 6 años! ( sniff,, sniff.. niños crecen tan rápido!)

And to make this "old" pattern what better than "old" fabric, I got this at walmart in sep of 05! I  know cause the sticker was still attached!

Y para seguir con el tema que mejor que esta tela que compramos en sep 05! Se perfectamente bien este dato por que la nota todavía estaba pegada a la  tela !

McCalls 6751

 This pattern I made version "D" and is just a very light top for the infernal southern heat! I used a vintage fabric I got back in San Diego at a rummage sale about 2 yards for .50 cents! I have cut and place next to my sewing machine will get it done this weekend.

Este patron hice la version "D" y es una blusa muy ligerita para el calor infernal que nos cose aqui en el sur! La tela la encontre en una venta de rummage en San Diego casi 2 yardas a tan solo .50 centavos. Esta cortado listo a un lado de la maquina de coser para terminar este fin de semana.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

It' s been a  l o n g   time away from the blog...

Life gets out of control, but sometimes for a few of us is our body that go crazy. My hashimotos has been acting up, we move to a new place and all this combine give me the daily excuse not to sew or to sit and blog.

Have my hashimotos more or less tame, have my sewing grove back, have been sewing a few outfits for my little Angeleque. For me I have a few already cut and ready to put together will post pictures as soon!!

I will leave you with some eye candy!


 I love this dress am on the hunt for the perfect Hawaiian fabric!

Oh my drear, this one here it hurst to see the pic, i had it and i lost it. I have been working on drafting the pattern by I am good at it so far I have fail, but I will keep on trying!!

Even do this is not a vintage vogue looks like a 60's formal wear!