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Am a stay at home mom to 3 little darlings, one incredible man for a husband, love to make clothing for my little ones and every other blue moon some retro clothing for me, I love to collect vintage patterns anything from the 20's till 90's will do!

Friday, July 15, 2011

not in the mood,,, :(

The roller coaster that my life sometimes puts me a a blue state of mind,, Well I say to myself that little thyroid wants to put you in  blues? ha!! you will show it BLUE!!! 

Got my easy sewing patterns out and closed my eyes and boom! got this one!

Yeah! I got busy with the scarf at 2:45 am this morning!! the gloves I will probably get them down tonigh from other fabric, and this is the end result:

I love the way this scarf just so casualy gives you a touch of elegance,, even if you are wearing a simple white tee and hair in a pony tail you will look so so pretty!!

So this is my way of getting rid of the depresion that lurks sometimes in my life invited of course by my little foe hashimotos, but my sewing keeps it away.

Till next time.... have fabric dreams and sewing patterns wishes!


  1. Hola! Acabo de descubrir tu blog a treves de Sew Retro, me da gusto ver a otra mexicana en esto del vintage style sewing!

  2. Bienvenida!! Si caray esto del la moda retro pues siempre desde la primera pelicula de Pedro Infante que mire he querido vestirme asi como Marga Lopez o Miroslava!

    Espero pronto tener mas proyectos que compartir Gracias por tu presencia!

    Hasta la proxima .... suena con telas y desos de patrones!!!


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