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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Here are the sewing patterns!!!!

Well like I said last night, here are some of the sewing patterns that I would love to get started (noted I just say "started" ha!).  The first one is the anniversary gift from my hubby!! Love you baby!!

I  so much love the lines in this dress, the flow, the way is going to camouflage the "problem area of my torso" ha ha ha! am currently looking for a great bargain in similar fabric.

This is one of the maternity blouses I just love this one so much! I had to alter it to be able to wear it now sorry but i did not took a pic before, I just brough in on the sides about 2 inches, the bottom had an elastic and made like a bubble effect I took it off and used it to make a hairband for me!

You can see the detail I put on the hairband buttons was the only thing I could come up with, I know may be too old to be wearing something like this, but is fun and matches some of the ones I have made for my girls.

Well I love this pattern, is a pj set from 1940! not sure what kind of fabric I will get for them, any suggestions will be appreciated

I got this one  and the one in the bottom for my girls am thinking fall dresses.

 Ok. so this 2 are my very first Burda sewing patterns, I just love the little jackets, school jackets am going to make first.

Well those are the sewing patterns am planing on working on for now I will have to look for a few jumper options for the school jumpers I need to start those ASAP!!

Till then,,, have fabric dreams and sewing patterns dreams!!!


  1. I'm so sorry, but the pattern was given away in a subsequent giveaway! I waited a week to hear from the winners, and a few did not reply at all. I'll be giving away more patterns in the future. Please continue to enter. Take care!

  2. Yes thanks so much, and i will keep enjoy your sewing. Take care bye!!


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