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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little bit at a time, is just right for now.

Well, by the sluggish that has become my life due to the always fun symptoms of my little foe hashimotos I have UFO left and right, down and up,, yeah my pic is just so right that little mountain in my back is my load of UFO, let me describe from bottom up, I have 3 maternity shirts that am going to alter to fit me now, I got a pair of my hubby's dress pants that am determine one day( hopefully before next year) to transform in to a very dressy skirt for me, I got several yards of fabric that will be a few dresses for me, got fabric to make my girls jumpers for school( ha! This is s super challenge school starts in about a month or so), then I have muslin for my hubs lounge pants/shorts ( he wants me lot make him a silk pj set he say on the net, at my pace it will be mu Xmas gift, ha ha ha,)and I have a bonnet for my little one, a up cycle/recycle thing with my girls tee shirts.

That is my friends that little mountain behind my back!!, will I get any of by a miracle all of my projects done?? Or will that mountain will just collapse on me, stay tune to find out!!

till next time,, have fabric dreams and patterns wishes!!!

P.s. I did this post already in my comfy bed in the iPad, so please be gentle if I have a horrid spelling, please? Xoxo.

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