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Friday, February 4, 2011

My sewing room needs help!

Well after 9 months of pregnancy my sewing room is a big mess top to bottom and side to side, have all kind of stuff on the floor, and my working table well, let's just say that if you took a look in there you would not see a table!!

will take pic's tomorrow of my big DIRTY room.

I did manage to organized my patterns, by bust size but now they are invading our living room/office space, am so thankful that my hubby has not complain yet, and that my little darlings have grown around them so is not a big exploring mission to get them out of the bins ha, ha, ha!

Well I was bad really bad this week on ebay, and got some goody's, I got a few sewing and tailoring books, and a very very few patterns will picture them later on ( my little 4 month old darling is not wanting to let go of mami right now).

I join the sewing circle of sew weekly am so exited you should check Ms. Mena's web sitehttp://www.sewweekly.com/ very talented lady!.

Well this is it for now my little darling is getting hungry again,, talk to you soon!!

Keep warm and safe!

P.S. this is the pic of the pattern that I entered in the sew weekly giveaway of their valentine inspired fabric go check it out is just dreamy!!

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