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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the flower bag

This is the project that I will be working on is a bag using the McCall's # 8065 "E" am using a thrift find a yard and half that I got back in San Diego, Ca., for $0.95 and is a nice decorating weight fabric, for the lining am using a walmart back when they used to have $0.50 a yard is a nice gabardine like material.

Hopefully I can finish this before the end of the week, am waiting on a dress form my awesome husband got me a Hancock is been like 3 weeks and still they have not gotten the orders in the warehouse been told but am getting ansi, really want to star on this 2 patterns.

 For the first one am going to use a nice rayon fabric (pic coming tomorrow) and for the last one I have my eyes on vintage fabric on ebay (crossing fingers hope I get it) to make it.

Am very happy to tell the world but specially my little Sophia that I have finish her vintage cape

Well that is the pic with out her buttons but is all done, I have forgotten how to finish the arm openings, need to do another one for my little Nicole and one for me, but for her to use this around the house and not be cold and still feel like a little lady.

I also made this form for when I make them clothes my girls hate to stand still even for a few seconds.

I have to fill it up and add a better hanger.

I also have this two patterns that I want to star to cut, for my little angels.

Last week I got all this wonderful patterns and am selecting the fabrics from the stash not a easy task.

I will post tomorrow the rest of the goody's that I score this past week! till then enjoy life!!

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  1. Hey you! Thanks for your comment over at my blog about the patterns. For your question about fabrics I'm not sure I have a good answer. Personally I draw towards "whatever I can find that looks good" when it comes to choosing the fabric. However, seeing that the dress is from the sixties it is quite likely that some synthetic mix would be ok. Otherwise I am feeling linen for this one. It's gonna wrinkle like crazy but will probably be very comfy on warm summer days... :) Hope my thoughts were somewhat useful... Happy sewing! //Ewa


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