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Saturday, January 15, 2011

to think about the future,, I have to remember the past

I was looking at some of my pictures trying to find my sewing creations from my youth found just a few.

What I really found is the source of my inspiration, the
fashionista of my childhood, the most elegant lady in my life,,, my mami (mum/mom),,, in every picture I found that my mom keep up with trends and fashion, every single garment hand made by her, I was amazed in how my mamita always look good, hair,make up,clothing. With 3 young kids, a demanding husband she manage to make every meal from scratch, breakfast, lunch and 3 course dinner every day!! I just don't know how she did it!! and on top of that sew, knit, crochet, and embroider for my brother's and me, even my dad got dress shirts, shorts and pants!!! ( I truly believe that my mom was wonder woman).

I will try to scan some of the pics to share with you and maybe you will feel inspired to share some of your own hidden treasures that may lie in a forgotten photo album, am sure that some of you had a wonder woman for a mom too, or maybe you had the double luck to have a wonder woman as a grandma too.

for now this is it. till next time!

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